How we work?

Team Work

We have a team with diverse industry experience that helps us to keep the latest changes in law, trends, processes and approach.

Keep Updated

Our customers get frequent updates on their tasks. We also believe in and ensure timely delivery of our services. Every phase of that tasks are well informed to the customer to make them understand that the time and effort it takes to accomplish the tasks.

Market Research

Our team performs the market research on various areas and ensure the customer gets a service lowest possible fee.

Affordable Pricing

Our services are affordable due to the reason that we maintain a low operation cost from our end at any given point of time.

Sourcing & Procurement

We have a straightforward approach to connect and perform the sourcing and procurement activities for buyer and from supplier. This approach is based on a upcoming technology platform that will make it extremely easy for all the key players in the business.


Client Engagement

We engage with our customers based on a multi-year contract. This helps reduce cost.


Our commodities database helps us to identify the exact requirement from our customers.

Supplier Comparison

We ensure to connect with all existing as well as new suppliers to keep the cost at lower end.

Payment & Delivery

Our payment terms and conditions are customer friendly. Our delivery is faster most of the times.

Company Registration

Our accounting team with support of lawyer has extensive knowledge in performing the company registration is a faster and efficient manner. Try to know our services.


Requirement Study

We understand the nature of business, type of employee engagement, operation mode etc. and accordingly suggest the best option for our customers.


We do not waste time while we know what documents are required and alternate solutions. Be assured on the documentation part. We take care of the process.

VAT & Banking

Company formation and enabling saving features for the company must be done right to ensure customers save money as well using government facilities.

Annual Maintenance

We ensure our customers maintain a healthy company in Thailand. We help our customers to keep clean financial records and also save them cost and time.

Company Accounting

Be it your monthly account related activities or annual year end closing or auditing, our accounting professionals are the best. We ensure you file return on timely manner, we ensure you save from VAT, we ensure you concentrate more on your business.


Financial Document

We maintain your A-Z documents right from the commercial registration and taxation so you get more time for your business.

Tech Enabled

We use advanced accounting software so most of the communication such as online payments is automated etc.


TAX payment, WHT payment and any other financial transaction with revenue department is taken care of by us.

Annual Maintenance

We ensure our customers maintain a healthy company in Thailand. We help our customers with clean financial records and save cost and time.

Visa in Thailand

Our visa experts are well experienced with various visa requirements. If you want to visit other countries or want to visit Thailand, you are in best hands i.e., Multilence.


Visa Types

Student Visa, Long Term Visa, Business Visa, Non-B visa and so on. We will cater all such needs.

Visa Application

We make your journey through the application process easy and affordable.


We help you in documentation and translation services as well. We are MFA certified.


We offer discount to repeat customers and volume deals. Get in touch with us.

Dealer Recruitment

At multilence we are associated with automotive industry experts across Thailand in various segments that includes dealers/ tents, auto finance, automotive manufacturing, auto part manufacturing, business set up consulting and many more. We would love to talk to you on any such requirements.


Identify Requirement

We consult and understand the requirements of our clients in detail.

Schedule Meeting

Meet and discuss the requirements with various dealers and match requirements of the client.

Short Listing

After thorough screening process, dealers will be shortlisted for interview process with our clients.

Contract Signing

Client hires the dealer and signs a contract for providing agreed services within agreed terms and conditions.
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