One stop solutions to major corporate requirements

our focus is to provide viable solutions to our esteemed customers.

With more than 2 decades of experience

Who are we?

We are a young and dynamic group of professionals backed by strong accounting, law, technology and management people in Thailand and other SEA countries. We bring at least 2 decades of experience to the solutions we are providing in Thailand.

Our Mission

To provide viable (affordable and faster) solutions to companies.

Our Values

Dedicated and focused team. We suggest and sell NOT just sell.

What we do?

At Multilence we provide various services catering to the needs of companies. We have team of management, accounting, sourcing/ procurement professionals, visa experts that can help companies and individuals during their immediate or long term requirements.

Sourcing & Procurement

Our sourcing and procurement team is highly connected and has expertise in sourcing various industrial products within Thailand or by importing from overseas.

Company Registration

Multilence advisors have expertise in various types of company formation that includes but not limited to Company Limited, Partnership Limited, BOI and more...

Accounting Services

Accounting team at Multilence is well experienced in handling various timely and routine company accounting requirements in Thailand faster.

Visa in/for Thailand

We deal with various and all types of visa available in Thailand specific to customer needs at an affordable service fee.

Automotive Consulting

Be it used vehicle purchase, auto insurance, auto finance, dealer engagement/ development, manufacturing or any other consulting services, our expert advisors are at your service.


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We act as a single point of contact for any buyer to multiple suppliers.

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Yes, due to some services that international customers need for Thailand in Thailand, We do provide few of such services outside Thailand as well. We have English speaking professionals assigned to such tasks.